Finishing 2014…One Foot in Front of the Other

Lacing up to end 2014 and dash into 2015


A Balmy Christmas Morning run on Kelly Drive in Philadelphia

2014 saw some mileage, but more often in a car (2 cross country road trips) or on a paddle board or in hiking boots, and less often in running shoes than I’d like to say. I almost missed out on one last run of the year before the clock struck 2015.  I don’t know what it is that nags at me when I’m considering going (or not going) on the run; today it felt like a magnet rejecting the great outdoors. But, finally, this afternoon, on the coldest day yet since I moved to San Diego (43 degrees this morning!), I dragged myself off that cozy couch


Cozy on the Couch with Sydney, world’s worst running dog

and hit the road running with Chase, world’s greatest running dog. As we climbed up the hill, the sun began to set over the Pacific Ocean (I can convince myself I see it from our hilly runs by Mission Trails). Instantly, the run became a holiday gift to myself (and to Chase).IMG_6196 Low and behold, on our return, Sydney was still more than willing to cuddle by the fire

That's my girl!

That’s my girl!

And Chase will be all set to celebrate the New Year tomorrow, after my night shift, with another gift to ourselves, a New Year’s Day run up another hill (or at the dog beach). Happy Trails in the New Year! Wishing you all a 2015 filled with adventure in your sneakers, bare feet, on rocks, bicycles, skis, snowboards, in flip flops and in high heels! xxxoooIMG_6583

After run glow

After run glow


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