Discover Wilderness Medicine

Recommendations for Wild Medicine Colleagues and Friends – from the Backcountry to the heart of NYC:

2016 Mid-Atlantic Student Wilderness Medicine Conference April 9-10 in Philadelphia, PA

Wilderness Medicine Magazine

University of Colorado Wilderness Medicine – Emergency Medicine Course for Undergrads Awesome opportunity for pre-med students to get exposure to the field and to get the inside scoop on Medical School Admissions!

WMS Adventure CMEs for Healthcare Providers and friends or family interested in heading to the Backcountry 

WMS Adventure CMEs

WMS Adventure CMEs

WMS Wilderness Medicine Elective for Medical Students – for 3rd and 4th year Medical Students, Health Professions Students, and Residents interested in Wilderness Medicine.

Cornell Wilderness Medicine  – for 3rd and 4th year medical students accredited by the Weill Cornell Medical College

Wilderness Medicine Electives for medical students.

The Wilderness Medical Society – The National Academic Society for Wilderness Medicine in the US

Appalachian Center for Wilderness Medicine (ACWM)

Nepal Trekking and Climbing Guide Group Peak Promotions

Mid-Atlantic Student Wilderness Medicine Conference 2014 MASWM

Cold Water Survival Physiologist – Gordon Giesbrecht

Philadelphia Discounts for Theatre, Art and Music in and around the city: Funsavers


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