There are Signs Everywhere – The Final Entry – The Return

From the 2013 Travel Journal – The WMS CME Trek to Everest Base Camp

Part 8 of There Are Signs Everywhere

Safe and sound at JFK after three weeks on this awesome epic zen adventure. Thanks to my friends and colleagues, the WMS and Peak Promotions for making it work, helping clear the schedule, setting me up with key gear like tripods and hotter-than-hell sleeping bags. It was such fun to share it all with you. I hope someday you all get to go to Nepal – and if you do, please pack me in your duffle bag!

I was met by friends and family on that gloriously sunny Sunday in NYC. It was a comfy way to land from the top of the world.  I’m not sure how 2013 could have gotten any more epic…

One year out, Glen, fellow Everest trekker and now dear friend, put together this vivid video that is the best approximation I’ve seen yet to take you there mentally. Namaste and hugs!


To read the trip summary including medical cases: WMS Everest Experience 


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